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5-May-2008, 09:45
I have a model C that I've just acquired that needs a back. Are there other backs that fit the 171 x 171mm size, or do I need to find one from Arca?



Emmanuel BIGLER
5-May-2008, 11:26
Welcome to the Arca Swiss (A/S) gang !

You probably have an old Arca Swiss camera manufactured before 1984.
Since this time and the introduction of the current F-line and M-line cameras, there have been some modifications in lens boards and in the way bellows are attached.
Rails and function carriers are somewhat compatible, though.
So you can keep your old-style front standard and get a new-style back but you'll need at least to do some homework to connect the front standard to the rear standard.
For example, assume that you have an old bellows, you should detach the old bellows attachment frame from the rear side of the bellows and swap it for a new-style frame.
Or you can buy a new bellows and get and old-style rear standard ; but you have to put the hand on a pair of old-style attachment frames. Or find somebody who can show you the shape of the part to be rebuilt by yourselves or a competent craftsman.

Now if you want to go for a 3-rd party back, at least you should have an original A/S function carrier.
On this function carrier you can attach many kinds of devices provided that you are able to precisely machine a dovetail of the same shape that will slide on the A/S function carrier.

You can be inspired by what Kerry Thalmann (a prominent member of the A/S gang on this forum) has made
Good luck !

7-May-2008, 08:35
Thanks, I've got all the standards and function carriers, I really just need the back.