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5-May-2008, 09:04
Well My newist aquistion has arrived, I obtained a Gundlach Mfg.,Corp. 5x7 Turner-Reich F-6.8 [71/2x12x15] in a Ilex #3 shutter which sounds very good, will take this baby out for a spin soon : :D

Darryl Baird
5-May-2008, 12:34
Cool... I'm looking forward to your results, I too just bought one with a Korona camera. I was interested in the camera for the plate holders as well. I wasn't sure if the lens was a good performer, but like the idea of a convertible lens.

Have you looked at the CameraEccentric website?

Main Grundlach page

Turner Reich pages

Ralph Barker
5-May-2008, 13:19
What? No "baby" pictures? ;)

5-May-2008, 14:12
Ralph: Sorry about that: hope these will due! sorry No Cigars ran out of funds for them!

Chuck Pere
6-May-2008, 04:33
My 5x7 is 7 1/2. 12 and 18 in. I wonder how many versions are out there? I've only used it a couple times but it seems to work fine. On small prints looks like any modern lens to my aging eyes.

Vick Vickery
6-May-2008, 08:01
Looks like a very nice lens. WARNING...when you use only one lens group (converted to 12" or 15", etc.) be sure to check your focus after stopping down to your taking f-stop. Converted lenses have a tendancy to shift focus slightly after being stopped down!!! I have always suspected that alot of the folks who complain that convertible lenses give poor performance in their converted mode don't know about focus shift. By the way, I own three convertible lenses, a Wollensak, a Turner-Reight, and an Ilex, and get acceptable performance out of all of them...'course I might just not be quite as picky as some folks, too! :)

Alex Wei
6-May-2008, 08:56
good stuff you got there, enjoy.