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4-May-2008, 21:38
I just recentaly bought a used pentax 645. I have 4x5 and 35mm so I thought 645 was a nice addition. I bought one on ebay with out a back and then i got a 150 mm lens. I am having a really hard time locating a 120 back reasonabley priced, I find out that as far as I can tell I can't get 220 bxw film. But the 220 backs seem to be all over. I guess I didn't do my home work when I buoght this . I have a instruction manual but it doesnt seem to be very clear. Would there be anyone out there who would be familliar with this camera who would be interested in helping me to get an understanding on how to operate this camera.? And the possibility of someone who might have a 120 back the don't use and would like to get rid of. Thanks alot, James O. Kenney

John Schneider
4-May-2008, 22:27
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Dave Parker
4-May-2008, 23:19



5-May-2008, 05:00
I don't own one, nor have I ever used one, but doesn't the Pentax 645 use inserts and not removable backs? It was my understanding that changing the film mid-roll wasn't possible on this camera.

If that's the case, KEH (http://www.keh.com/) has a couple of 120 inserts in stock for less than $100.

Brian Ellis
5-May-2008, 08:02
Brett is right, the Pentax 645 doesn't have interchangeable backs. What you need is a 120 film holder. He's also right that you can't change film mid-roll (except perhaps by the old technique of rewinding the film back to the start and then when you reinsert it put the lens cap on and advance the film a frame or two past the previous ending frame).

5-May-2008, 21:43
I purchased the 645N about 2 years ago off Ebay to "replace" my 35mm Nikon F3. I am sure that you will be both pleased and well served with it. It's a great camera! (I was suprised to learn that the 645N was the first Japanese camera to win the coveted Japanese gold medal award. The 645N is the same as the 645 but with auto focus.)

I have seen 120 inserts for sale on Ebay from time to time and, as noted above, KEH usually carries them as well.

BTW, many of us LF shooters on this site also shoot MF. I, for example, shoot both 6x7 and 6x4.5 (Pentax, of course) as well as 4x5. So enjoy that Pentax! :)