View Full Version : Technika to Sinar adapter board?

Ellis Vener
11-Jan-2001, 14:48
The good news: Sinar makes an adapter (part#21005) board that lets me keep my lenses mounted on Linhof Technika boards and use them on a Sinar camera.

The bad news: the list price is US$500.00!

Any suggestions or recommendations about a less expensive way to accomplish this? Yes I know I could just get the lenses mounted on standard Sinar or Horseman boards, but I'd rather keep my lenses on Technika boards for a couple of reasons.

Manuel Gomes Teixeira
11-Jan-2001, 15:08
Dear Ellis,

Something must be wrong with the information you have about the SINAR adaptor. I have the 2000-2001 SINAR System Catalog in fron of me and the correct reference is 441.91 and it's called LINHOF LENS BOARD ADAPTER . The price for this item here in Portugal is in Portuguese Escudos 45.239 or Euros 225.65 or aproximately USD 205. I have one of those adaptor that I use between my Gandolfi and SINAR P ,P2 and F2. I hope this helps . Please confirm the price and reference again for this item there in the US. Regards

11-Jan-2001, 15:42
1. Check Ebay. Last one sold for $147.50 (Item #1202992057). Very nice item and with a linhof board. 2. Contact Ebony (http://www.ebonycamera.com/) and Gandolfi (http://www.gandolficorfield.co.uk/). Their 8x10 cameras use Sinar boards and have adapters to Linhof boards. Call Jeff at Badger Graphics for pricing (800-558-5350). 3. Contact Steve K. Grimes to make one for you (http://WWW.SKGRIMES.COM/). He's great at it.

11-Jan-2001, 16:37
Horseman also makes a Horseman (Sinar) to Linhof Technika adapt. Part #23516.

Ellis Vener
11-Jan-2001, 19:07
Thanks everyone for your answers so far. My information about the part number and USA list price came from a SINAR tech rep at SINARBron USA today.

andrea milano
14-Jan-2001, 06:26
Ellis, there are very many alternatives to the Sinar. For example, almost all 8"x10" Wooden fields and toyo as well for the metal fields , use Sina size lens boards, so, any of these brands produces an adapter, I have a Tachihara which I believe would be cheaper than original SINAR. Unless you nee to mount it on a Sinar camera (I am not sure wooden adapters aren't to thick for this....) or like the name Sinar very much you have a number of alternatives. Horseman is a metal clone (monorails) They use Sinar size boards, Inka as well , but many other cameras use all the same system, Wista (8x10), Bromwell, Osaka, Gandolfi.