View Full Version : One question fro 45N-1 users?

Hugo Zhang
3-May-2008, 21:28
Once again, I need your help on this question. Thanks.

4) What is the back standard front tilt (very important in architecture!) ?

3-May-2008, 21:35
Hugo-- The front tilt on the rear standard is only limited by the bellows, so depending on how far the bellows is extended you can probably get 45 degrees or so. More than anyone really needs.

3-May-2008, 22:39
back standard front tilt? As in, how far the Rear standard will tilt forward? It tilts all the way forward, that's how it closes up :-D So like Barry said, it depends on your focal length I suppose. The rear standard tilts back a good ways as well, probably about 40 degrees or so before it stops.