View Full Version : Attaching a big Century camera to a tripod

Bruce Schultz
3-May-2008, 19:15
I recently got carried away and bought a Century 7 camera. This dude is way bigger than I expected, and it is designed to be placed on a stand. Has anyone figured out a good way to attach one of these monsters to a tripod? I would just use a T-nut but there doesn't seem to be any room on the bed.

Jim Galli
3-May-2008, 19:44
They really don't lend themselves to the field very well do they. I bought a hefty projection stand that has a good sized table and 4 adjustable legs that come out for travel. I figured if I ever got stupid enough to take a Century in the field that would be a good platform.

David A. Goldfarb
3-May-2008, 20:00
I know someone who uses a Black and Decker Workmate (is that what they call it? The portable workbench) to support his Lotus 20x24" in the field

4-May-2008, 06:04
If you attach that camera directly to a tripod, you're probably going to be in for a disappointment - especially when the T-nut rips out and the whole thing makes a lens sandwich with the concrete below. It needs a platform. Given a heavy enough tripod, you could attach a platform to the tripod, then set the camera on it. That gives you a little lattitude to balance the beast fore and aft. Whether you do that, use an original stand, a Workmate or just put it up on jack stands doesn't really matter. But it does need proper support.

4-May-2008, 06:20
I've got more or less the same question .

The idiots lost half my century stand.

The camera itself isn't that heavy it's just the big honky lens on the front.

All I need is up/down so I wonder the best way to rig something up.

4-May-2008, 07:39
The idiots lost half my century stand.

That's about 50 years worth...

Peter De Smidt
4-May-2008, 08:47
Why not buy/build a century-like stand? Making it look really pretty would take a lot of skill, but just making something that would work wouldn't be that hard.