View Full Version : 4x5 strobe sync

Victor Fernandez
15-Mar-2001, 18:40
I am very new to LF 4x5 fotography. I have a copal 1 165mm f6.3. I need informat ion as to the required speed seting for using a strobe. Any links to lighting an d lf fotography would be greately appreciated. I'm facinated and confused thank you vic

Kevin Crisp
15-Mar-2001, 18:54
Victor, I believe it will flash synch with an electronic flash at all speeds. Open the aperture all the way, look through the back of the camera and try tripping the shutter with the strobe connected. You'll see the bright flash through the lens if it is properly synched. (You can do this just holding the lens in your hand too.) It should work just fine at all speeds.

Charlie Stracl
15-Mar-2001, 19:35
One of the advantages to a "between the lens" shutter is that they synchronize for flash at all speeds. This lets you blend existing light with flash. You can set the shutter speed to capture some of the available light and the f/ stop for flash.

Polaroid is a good material to evaluate these effects.

Doug Paramore
15-Mar-2001, 21:57
Victor: Make sure the shutter is set on "X" sync. Some of the shutters have both a setting for electronic flash and for flash bulbs. As the previous posters said, it should sync on any shutter speed.


Victor Fernandez
20-Mar-2001, 15:09
Thank you to all for your responses. I've been busy devouring all information I can get on LF ... I think it is time to take my first shot... I have found the discussions on various topics here very informative and professional. Again thanks to all for the input, I'm sure I'll have more questions in the future.