View Full Version : Tortuga pinhole panorama camera

Michael Chmilar
29-Apr-2008, 09:48
I haven't seen this mentioned, yet:


Looks like it is a pinhole competitor to the Cirkut and other rotating pano cameras, recording to 120 film.

29-Apr-2008, 09:50
A more sophisticated roto-pinhole camera (http://www.galerie-photo.com/roto-pinhole.html)

Robert Edward McClure
29-Apr-2008, 10:07
Perhaps owing to my age and tendencies to not care much for photographic devices I personally regard as rather silly - I care not for the Tortuga.

Separate shots that sort of blend together don't do a thing for me.

Neither does the fact of the 'sexy'/sophisticated construction materials mitigate the silliness (personal opinion only).

My hat's off to the marketing whiz behind the whole thing. He/she seems to have come up with quite a concept. Appearance and build quality seem pretty exceptional. Would be curious to know the market's response to his 'limited initial offering.'

The Cirkut camera and more modern rotating lens panos make more sense to me, except for the unreal perspective distortions inherent in the method.

Glenn Thoreson
29-Apr-2008, 11:41
Two thousand bucks ?????? Yessir, I agree, silliness abounds.