View Full Version : filter mounting on Rodenstock Sironar 360/f6.8 questions

Derick Miller
6-Sep-1998, 04:52
I would like to know the filter size for the internal end of the Rodenstock Siro nar 360/f6.8 lens (the pre-APO version).

Having looked at it, it does not appear to have threads. Is it possible to get an adapter and mount a standard filter size? It looks to be about 80mm (82?).

Has anyone figured out a way to do this?



Bob Salomon
7-Jan-1999, 21:20
Yes you can mount a filter behind the lens. But you will introduce a focus shift of 1/3rd the thickness of the filter so you must focus and do your corrections with the filter in place.

The factory does not recommend doing this. you have the pre Apo N version (Sironar N not Sironar) then I can mail you the specs. To do this I need a mailing address. You can e-mail it to us or call us at 973 808-9010 x15 or request it on our web site www.hpmarketingcorp.co