View Full Version : Jobo 3010 for 5x7?

Andrew ren
29-Apr-2008, 04:22
As I've been looking for a Jobo 3006 for my upcoming 5x7 processing for quite a while. there is no luck yet..
So I am about to turn my chioce to a Jobo 3010 as seems easier to get.

Can it handle 5x7 properly? I guess I need to coil the 57 negs along the 5 inch side to be able to put it into the 3010.



29-Apr-2008, 04:38
No problem. I and several others are happy with this. do a search.

best regards

29-Apr-2008, 04:42
It has worked really well for me, going on 12 years now and couldn't be happier. Heck, sometimes I even haul out the cpp2 and use it :D but mostly I just roll it in the sink. D76, xtol, tmax rs, rodinal, everything comes out just fine.

John Brady
29-Apr-2008, 04:58
I am using the 3010 to process 5x8 and it works like a charm...

Ron Marshall
29-Apr-2008, 07:52
I have used both the 3010 and 3006 to process 5x7; can't tell the difference!

Andrew ren
29-Apr-2008, 17:34
Thanks Morten/caleb/John/Ron.

Then a 3010 is my goal! :-0

One thing want to be clear, I need to coil the 57 along the 5in side to put it into the cylinder, right?



John Brady
29-Apr-2008, 17:59
Thats correct, 5 inch top to bottom, 7 inch around.

Andrew ren
29-Apr-2008, 19:17
John, Nice work! I really like some of them on your site.

That confused me. Ok, the coiled up 5x7 tubic neg is a long thin one or a short fat boy?
I think you were saying is the long/thin one, correct me should I am wrong.

and also where should I point the opening to? the centre of the drum or doesn't matter at all?



John Brady
30-Apr-2008, 04:55
Thanks Andrew,

The coil would be short and fat. The tubes are 5 inch deep by 8 inch around, which is why I am able to load 5x8 film. I am not sure I understand the question about the opening. If you mean the two stops inside of each tube that separate the two 4x5 negs, line up one end of the 5x7 neg against one of the stops, it doesn't matter which one.

Once you get a 3010 drum, take an exposed neg and try loading the drum in the light. That is always the best thing to do when working with a new format. You will quickly understand the best way to load the drum.

Keep in mind that you can do only 5 sheets of 5x7 at a time in the 3010 as opposed to 6 sheets of 5x7 in the 3006. If you plan to do both 4x5 and 5x7 get the 3010, if you only plan on 5x7 get the 3006. For me I have the 3010, 3006 and the 8x10 3005.
For my 5x8 the 3006 drum is too small so I have to choose between the 3010 and 3005. I can use a lot less chemical in the 3010.

Andrew ren
30-Apr-2008, 16:45
I see. seems 3010 best fits my need for now.

John, I mean when we coil the 5x7 film up, it's like a "C" shape, the opening of the "C" should all point to the axis of the drum, or doesn't matter?