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29-Apr-2008, 03:43
What is the correct way to see the lens and view the image, is it with the shutter set to bulb, as this was recommended to me, but as soon as the lever is released the shutter closes, leaving no time to view the image.

Unless you keep the lever pressed down, I've not yet attached a cable release, maybe this will do the trick-can't see it though as it's only the same as holding the lever down..?

How much coverage and IC does this have-I'll mostly use for 6x9, but may also use it for 4x5.
Will it fall short on coverage & IC with 4x5?:confused:

Per Madsen
29-Apr-2008, 03:53
If it is mounted in a Compur 00 shutter, it will not have a T setting. Use a locking
cable release for keeping the shutter open on B.

Peter K
29-Apr-2008, 03:59
The Super-Angulon 1:8/65mm is mounted in a shutter size #00. You need a cable release with a fixing screw to hold the shutter, set to bulb "B", open.

With an image circle of 155mm at f/16 this lens can be used for 6,5x9cm with a little bit space for shift, 10mm at the short side, 7,9mm at the long one. But with 4x5" you will get a nice round vignetting.

Don Sparks
29-Apr-2008, 04:32
I've used this lens for years on 4x5 and never experienced vignetting even with movements.

Eugene van der Merwe
29-Apr-2008, 05:59
Ditto Don,
Coverage is surprisingly even on 4 x 5, i've not had need for centre filters or the like...

29-Apr-2008, 06:54
Thanks all, it is fitted in a 00 compur shutter, my local used photo store has just-verified, that it needs a locking type cable release to hold the shutter open, and that it maybe better to work f11 & f16 although he has said it's okay to stop it down to f22.
I'm wondering if this'll limit movements on 4x5..Peter you state it's not got the covering power for 4x5...can you expand on this, as so far I've not got to test this lens and would appreciate all the info you guys can offer..Also Don & Eugene you guys say you've used one-without any problems, again if you could offer any further insights, it'll be much appreciated

I'm intending to use this for C41-As it's a single coated lens, it's said this'll lose some contrast, if this is the case. I'm aiming to get around this by using vibrant & sat film stocks and PSs' Editing controls, again your thoughts on this will be much appreciated.

Don Sparks
29-Apr-2008, 16:44
About the only movement I use is front rise, sometimes as much as the camera will allow with the bellows compressed for that lens. I usually shoot between f/11 and f/32. I basically use it just like any other lens and don't worry about vignetting because it's never happened. This image was taken inside the Tennessee theater in Knoxville, TN.

Peter K
30-Apr-2008, 00:29
The SA 1:8/65mm with it's image circle of 155mm is designed for the format 6,5x9cm. When used with 4x5" depend on the subject the outer regions will have a bad defination. It's different with the SA 1:5,6/65mm and it's 170mm image circle.

Multicoating is the most overestimated issue specially with LF-lenses. It's only important with multi-element zoom lenses.

But it's a good idea to ask the lens itself with some test shots.

30-Apr-2008, 01:24
My f8 65mm SA barely covers 5x4, there is certainly no room for anything other than minimal rise/fall or shift.

Peters right about the vignetting of the corners, as I now only use my lens for B&W work this is not a major problem and I can correct the corners if necessary at the printing stage, but for colour work a centre filter would be far more important.

I don't have any problems with corner sharpness, even on 30"x40" prints but I do stop the lens down well. I used to use mine for E6 work with a 6x9 back and although single coated the colour saturation & contrast has been no different to my Multi-Coated Schneider and Rodenstock lenses.

Single coating makes a huge difference to a lens compared to older non coated versions, but Multi Coating really only makes a significant difference in more extreme circumstances, typically shooting straight into the sun. Shooting last month with a MC f8 75mm SA I had no flare with my 6x17 images, while a far more modern MC Zoom was flaring badly.


30-Apr-2008, 10:42
Don-Beautiful interior shot, thanks for sharing that..

Karel Prokes
18-Dec-2008, 13:38
I am new to LF.. got the horseman 5x4" camera and recently bought second-hand SA f8/65. Apparently it has been originally made for 6x9 camera but fortunately lots people use it for the 5x4 too. / by fortunately I mean for me 'cause I did not know it was 6x9 originally /.

What surprises me is that all I read everywhere is that there is no room for tilt/shift with the wide angle lenses.

I might be dummy but I have one very simple thought. would not it help to produce special lens board that would bring the lens deeper to the camera body so that there wouldn't be need to compress the bellows so close together?

Any respond will be much appreciated.