View Full Version : Dealing with corrosion on my Norma

28-Apr-2008, 12:09
Well I finally picked up a Sinar Norma. One catch: It's bit corroded, how would you clean aluminum and small amounts of rust off of the camera body?

Frank Petronio
28-Apr-2008, 12:18
They sell an aluminum polish at the hardware store. The one I had also had some sort of oxidation on the aluminum parts.

Everything on them can be adjusted if you have the right tools and know how - but go slow or better yet, find an experienced person to adjust yours... In my case I bought a meal and beers for a local professional who owns several, and he did a great job (prior to beer of course.)

28-Apr-2008, 12:43
oh hey frank!

John Schneider
28-Apr-2008, 12:46
If it's aluminum, use Alumi-Prep with scotchbrite and gloves. Any good auto paint or aircraft supply place should carry Alumi-Prep, plus the Alumi-Dyne you'll want to use as a paint base (prime with zinc chromate or zinc oxide, then a good top coat).