View Full Version : Adjusting Cam on MPP mkVII

Ben R
28-Apr-2008, 09:20
Hi, according to the MPP Users forum you can adjust a cam for more accurate rangefinder focusing for example when replacing the lens. I have an option on a very good condition MPP mkVII for a good price, the seller doesn't know which cam the rangefinder has installed at present. I want to use it with a 135mm, will I be able to adjust the cam for a 135mm even if it was made for a different focal length? If not does anyone know how easy to find cam's are?

Or would I be better off with a graphic with a kalart?

Ben R
28-Apr-2008, 11:00
Well I just bought it, £250 was a pretty good price, better than a good graphic in similar condition and my ebay trigger finger just got a bit too itchy! Considering I'm probably going to sell a Gandolfi Varient to pay for it I think I'm still in for a good profit, I still have a Cambo for when I need spagetti movements!

I have a friend with a machine shop who will hopefully make me a new cam if necessary, all the specs and diagrams are on the incredibly good MPP users website.

Now all I need to do is try and unearth a Copal 1 lens board. I can live without the rangefinder while the cam is made but I'm pretty stuck without a lens board!