View Full Version : Polaroid Overexposure Sinar Norma

David McWaters
28-Apr-2008, 03:56
I am having overexposure problems while using the 545 back with the Sinar Norma. I took my first picture inside house looking out the window and everything was fine. Then I went outside on the porch and the next few came out white and over exposed. It was about 20 degrees colder outside. Any Ideas? Thanks, David McWaters

Peter K
28-Apr-2008, 04:08
As any reversal process Polaroid is very temperature sensitive. E. g. the processing time for type 55 film is 20 seconds at 21° C (70°F) but 60 seconds at 10°C (50°F). If you're working outside at low temperatures, keep the unexposed film in your pocket, also after exposure during processing time.

Tom Perkins
28-Apr-2008, 06:22
I would also take new meter readings and adjust the exposure, as the window glass can take a stop or more.