View Full Version : Sinaron-S 210 confusion.

27-Apr-2008, 21:42
Hi all. I have been let to believe that Sinar lenses are Rodenstocks. S=N's and SE=S's
I have in my hand a Sinaron S 210 with a 67mm Filter size and the charts tell me it has a 310 Image circle. This doesn't correspond with anything I can see, let alone Rodenstock. Maybe I am missing something?

Oren Grad
27-Apr-2008, 21:47
That's probably a typographical error. The table currently posted on the Sinar website correctly lists the 210 Sinaron-S as having a 301mm image circle, corresponding to the Apo-Sironar-N:


27-Apr-2008, 22:13
I saw that list. It lists a 67 filter. I thought the Sironar N to be 58 filter.

Oren Grad
27-Apr-2008, 22:22
The Rodenstock literature I have lists the 210 N as 67, and the one I have in my hand right now measures 67 too.

EDIT: The 180 N, which is just the next row up in the table, is 58.

27-Apr-2008, 22:31
Ok, I'm wrong. I took the filter size from (my bible) Michael Davis' listing. And I see the coverage of 310 to be replicated on other (3?) listings I've seen. Probably copies of each other. Found correct info on Rodenstock's site. Sorry to have got you all up:)

Info crossed in the posting. Sorry.

Oren Grad
27-Apr-2008, 22:38
No problem. Anyway, it's a very nice lens. Enjoy!