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27-Apr-2008, 11:39
If I have to send off this film in 4x5 format to get developed, how do I do it? Obviously it has to remain light tight during the shipping. Is there a standard method to do this?


27-Apr-2008, 12:13
In film changing tent, remove from film holders, put in empty 4x5 box that film originally came in, close box, tape so it won't come open by mistake. Mark outside of box type of film, number of sheets contained, note if film is to be normal or push-processed (and if so by how much), and mail to lab. The developed film will be returned in the same box you've used for shipping.

29-Apr-2008, 01:51
I would also save the envelope that the film comes in (foil lined paper or plastic) and put the stack of film in there. It helps to add an extra measure of light tightness and also prevents film from sliding around in the box.

29-Apr-2008, 11:01
Velvia 50 comes in an envelope (within the box I mean) as well as a folded piece of cardboard that acts kind of like a file folder. I just put mine in the cardboard, put that inside the envelope, and put the envelop back in the box, just like it was packaged when I first opened it. I didn't ship mine, but I dropped it off to the lab like that. I also put a note on the box how many sheets were in there, how to develop them, and a note at the bottom that read "Open in DARK only!" Since some people may not know what a box of sheet film is, they may decide to open it thinking there are rolls of film inside or something that are light tight on their own. Never hurts to put that additional note on there! As well as some tape to keep it closed, as mentioned. Good luck!

Dave Parker
29-Apr-2008, 11:17
I agree with Daniel,

I have always put in bold letters "Exposed Film, Open in Dark Only!!" on the outside of the box in a couple of places, and tape the box closed to ensure no accidents along the way, I also insure my film when sending it in for processing...