View Full Version : Prontor Electronic Shutters

Peter De Smidt
27-Apr-2008, 10:41
I'm considering buying some Prontor #1 electronic shutters. Unfortunately, they don't have the battery compartment for the 4.5 Mallory batter. They have three posts that the batter compartment attached to. Anyone know how these work? Why three posts? If it wouldn't be too difficult to wire up a battery pack, I'd like to use these for some barrel lenses that I have.

Peter K
27-Apr-2008, 11:18
The Prontor electronic shutter needs a separate voltage supply and control box. It's different from the Compur electronic shutter, this shutter needs only an AA-size battery with a voltage between 3 - 5 volts.

Bob Salomon
28-Apr-2008, 06:08
Prontor Electronic or Prontor Magnetic? What is the name on the face of the shutter?

Peter De Smidt
28-Apr-2008, 06:13
Prontor Press Electronic.