View Full Version : Andreas Gursky: buying a reproduction

Rob Green
15-Mar-2001, 08:19
I am desperate to buy reproduction of Andreas Gursky's photographs. Please can s omeone tell me where to locate them?

15-Mar-2001, 10:19
To desperate Rob;

here is an adress to check out some dealers/galleries:


I did a search on the net, so I can't be positive about this being THE Gursky you are looking for.

15-Mar-2001, 10:39
Hope you've got deep pockets, Rob. The last I heard full-sized Gurskys were starting at $50,000 per (the New Yorker said he only makes six copies of each picture, and he makes about 10 pictures per year). That's just for the initial sale; at auction his images have been approaching the quarter-million-dollar mark. Don't know if he offers smaller, poster-like larger runs, though.

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15-Mar-2001, 12:19
If you mean reproductions-- there is a new book by Peter Galassi that has just been published by Museum of Modern Art (NYC) in conjuction with the Gursky exhibit.

tim atherton
15-Mar-2001, 16:48
From todays Photo District News Newswire (who say's people won't buy digital stuff...

Andreas "He who can do no wrong" Gursky?s "O.T. VI, 1997" was sold for a new record of $310,250. It was estimated at $150,000. It was the first time Gursky?s photograph of artist Jackson Pollock?s "One: Number 31" went on sale. An anonymous Asian buyer in the room, bidding against London dealer Jay Jopling, bought the picture.

Quentin Sommerville
3-Dec-2001, 13:52
The Tate Modern in London has an A3 size reproduciton of his Chicago Board of Trade pic, unfortunately it's the only one the have, with no plans for more...