View Full Version : Parts for Sinar Norma 4x5

David McWaters
27-Apr-2008, 09:47
Hello,I am new to large format photograpy. Does anyone know where to get the small odd parts for the Norma? My front standard is missing the screw on caps on the posts. Also would anyone have recommendations for a good inexpensive carrying case? Thanks, David McWaters

Ken Lee
27-Apr-2008, 11:01
Try Glennview (http://www.glennview.com/sinar.htm). According to the site, "The Norma, built between 1947 and 1970 is the best built view camera ever made and quite collectable...I service Sinar Norma cameras." I would be surprised if he couldn't help you.

Another person with Sinar expertise is Igor, at Igor's Camera Exchange (http://igorcamera.com/sinar.htm).