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J Peterson
27-Apr-2008, 09:42
I'm truly gutted to loose a good friend, Polaroid. It's very much a large part of what I do.

Is there a 5x4 neg film that gives a similar look and feel to polaroid? Any suggestions?


Charles Hohenstein
27-Apr-2008, 18:21
Are you asking about a replacement for Type 55 or one of the other flavors?

David A. Goldfarb
27-Apr-2008, 19:18
Part of the Type 55 neg look was the film, which was similar to Panatomic-X, and part of it was the chemistry, which was a monobath.

I've been experimenting with monobaths, and it looks promising. My guess is that something like FP4+ in Crawley's FX6a will be in the right ballpark, but it's not a combo I've tested yet. So far I've tried Efke/Adox 100, TXP and TX, and they all produce good negs with excellent acutance.

I've been posting results over on APUG in this thread--


J Peterson
27-Apr-2008, 22:32
Sorry, should have elaborated. I love Type 59 for it's muted palette and reciprocity characterised colour shifts (doesn't need to be because of reciprocity though), it's medium to low contrast and it's softness.

I'd be happy for it to be sharp though.

Thanks David for sharing the monobath findings! This is great.

27-Apr-2008, 23:03
For me it was film but really it was the mask.
I love the way the mask looks. The way its develops, all funky with its scratches and gloop drops. And it scans wonderfully and it is super sharp.

I should have enough stock left to complete my family project and then some landscapes. But I know the day is coming.

I need to stop.....Sad now.. :mad:

Ok. Enough of the whining.
Awhile back I went to the Calumet gallery in the city and saw about 20 large prints from type 55. They where scanned and printed digitally but they where great.
So much better than the digital shots they where displaying.