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26-Apr-2008, 20:09
Hi all,
I have a Super Graphic that I love for field work ,but am thinking about getting a graphic view camera for shots closer to my car.

Do these cameras have interchangeable lens boards? I'd hate to have to pull lenses out of lens boards everytime I want to switch cameras.

Vick Vickery
26-Apr-2008, 21:03
No, the lensboards for the Graphic View & View II are larger than those of the Super, 4x4 if I remember correctly (its been several years since I had a G. View II), but it should be easy to make a board that will use the Super boards on the view camera. I did so for my Cambo and it works great (I use both a Cambo and a Super) allowing me to use all of my most used lenses on both cameras.

John Kasaian
26-Apr-2008, 21:47
I have a GV2 that uses the same lens boards as an Anniversary Speed Graphic, the old 4x4 "C" board. Supers use a different size.You might check with either Fred Lustig or Jim at Mid West, maybe they have an adapter to allow you to mount your Super lens boards on a GV?.

Wayne R. Scott
27-Apr-2008, 04:43
There is an adapter board available that allows the Super Graphic lens board to be mounted on the Graphic View I, Graphic View II, and Anniversary Speed graphics.

They come up on E-Bay occasionally.


For sale here, scroll down list:



27-Apr-2008, 07:08
The adapter works perfectly, and is often seen on ebay for under $50. It's an excellent combination.

Neal Shields
27-Apr-2008, 08:08
This is the page showing lens boards and adapters from the Graflex catalog.

Hope it helps