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10-Jan-2001, 16:26
Over here in the US, I rarely see 5x7 slide film available but would like to pur chase some at a reasonable price. Supposedly, Fuji Velvia is sold only in Europe . Does anyone on the list buy this film or perhaps other 5x7 slide film (eg. Kod ak 100VS) ?

I shoot up to 8x10, but prefer to not go through the hassel and hazards (scratch es, dust, fingerprints) of cutting up 8x10 Velvia to 5x7 size.

I have yet to contact Photo Warehouse for a quote, but do intend to do that even tually at least just to comparison shop.

Sal Santamaura
10-Jan-2001, 17:07
Badger Graphics. See the link from Tuan's home page under commercial LF resources.

10-Jan-2001, 19:03
Badger Graphics' site does not list any film for sale.

10-Jan-2001, 20:29
Last time I bought 5x7 Velvia from Badger it was somewhere around $100 - $120 for a 20 sheet box. They also have Provia F.

Bruce E. Rathbun
10-Jan-2001, 21:34
Can anyone send em the link to the Badger Graphics web site? I too shot 5"x7" and would like to see what they have. I was unable to find the site.

Bruce E. Rathbun
10-Jan-2001, 21:40
Never mind. I did find the page . It would not load the first time and sent me to a generic Domain Registration page.