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Adam Kavalunas
26-Apr-2008, 19:19
Does anyone here have any experience printing onto Ilfoflex paper? It looks like it's one of Ilford's new digital papers for this spring. I've been a little unhappy with Fuji CA when trying to print vivid reds. For some reason, the CA papers are weaker in reds than anything else. I've always loved the saturated reds that Cibachromes can produce, and I'm wondering if this new Ilfoflex is similar. From what little I can find, one review said that the Ilfoflex prints look great next to Cibachromes, but that doesnt really say much.

Adam Kavalunas

bob carnie
27-Apr-2008, 07:10
I have printed Ilfoflex in the past, I have not seen this paper for awhile.
I also print from fujiflex and duraflex .
With all three papers I would not pick any one over the other they all seem to be good products.
I print cibachrome as well and side by side comparisons of the three against ciba, I always would pick the cibachrome over the others.
Better colour saturation and contrast to my eyes with the Ciba.
Certain colours do better with each paticular emulsion but on average I seem to pick the ciba emulsion most times.
Cibachrome is insanely more expensive to purchase and operate therefore I only print ciba three or four times a year in dedicated sessions.

Adam Kavalunas
28-Apr-2008, 06:42