View Full Version : Film Holder For Quickloads/Readyloads?

26-Apr-2008, 08:03
Is it possible to use a Polaroid 545 film holder with Kodak and Fuji 4x5 Readyload/Quickload Films?

Bryan Lemasters
26-Apr-2008, 10:05
It should work fine. I have used a 545i holder with both.


27-Apr-2008, 04:34
Thanks for the reply Bryan, I brought a 545i off eBay to use for quickloads films.

I went to order some film stock from a well known stockist in central London.

While in the order process I thought I double check to see if I was right in thinking the 545i could be used for this-Only to be told by the female member of staff. ' The 545i couldn't be used-Only the Fuji or Kodak film holders were suitable!'

She was so convincing that I didn't question this-I'd really wanted to ask the owner whose been a mainstream source of info for years-He just taken a telphone call as I'd
Asked across the counter, anyways I trooped off and wandered eBay for a time, looking at all these QL Holders being flogged off-From £30/40 to 60 & 70£s'!

My instinct telling me to use the 545i!..
Maybe the £'s saved will pay for an evening out with the female staff member! lol..

Beauty being in the eye of the beholder & all that....And with a few £'s saved in the pocket-Life's not so bad..!

Brian Ellis
27-Apr-2008, 08:46
IIRC Paul Butzi's web site contains an excellent discussion of the compatability of the 545i (and other holders) with Readyloads and Quickloads.