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Julian Boulter
26-Apr-2008, 06:19
Hi All,

I have both the Schneider 72XL super angulon and 110XL super symmar lenses and want to purchase center filters for both lenses. just want to know is the following is possible as a filtering solution:

1) Purchase the Lee 115mm push on filter holder to use the 72XL with its center filter
2) Purchase the Lee 115 to 100 donut spacer to use the 72XL without its center filter
3) Use the above combination to fit the 110XL with its center filter
4) Purchase the Lee 100 to 90 donut spacer and use both donut spacers together in order to mount the 115 push on filter holder to the 110XL without its center filter.

Does anyone know if both dount spacers can be used together and can they be left attached to the lens?

BTW here is the link to the above items on the Robert White site:

Thanks in advance.


Eric Leppanen
26-Apr-2008, 09:43
I do not own a 72XL so I cannot comment from experience with that lens, but I do own a SS110XL and Lee 100mm and 115mm press-on filter holders.

Stacking doughnut spacers won't work. The spacer must have enough flex so that the filter holder can securely clamp onto the lens barrel; when the spacer gets too thick, this is no longer possible. If you try to apply too much clamping force you will strip the threads of the filter holder's clamping screw. Also, leaving doughnut spacers on the lens barrel is not a good idea since they can easily come loose, fall off and become lost.

IMHO your main decision is whether or not to use the CF with your 72XL. I find a CF mandatory with my SS80XL with using chrome film, optional when using B&W and color neg, but this is just my preference plus the SS80XL has more light falloff than your 72XL. If you shoot just B&W or color neg then maybe going without the CF is fine. On the other hand, I presume you own the 72XL because you want to use extreme movements, which would maximize the light falloff effect. This all becomes a matter of your personal preference.

I don't see any need for a CF when shooting 4x5 with your SS110XL unless you shoot chrome film with very, very extreme movements. If you shoot larger formats with this lens then the CF becomes necessary.

If you determine that a CF is necessary for the 72XL, but not for the 110XL, then I'd go with the 115mm press-on holder for the 72XL (assuming it does not vignette, I've never tried this. If no one in this forum pipes in on this question, I'd suggest asking the folks at Robert White or John Adler at Lee USA) and use a regular wide-angle adapter ring and standard Lee holder for the 110XL. If you decide a CF is needed for both lenses, I'd suggest the 115mm press-on holder for the 72XL, and 110mm press holder with 100-to-90mm spacer ring for the 110XL. If you decide that neither lens needs a CF, then I'd go with the 100mm press-holder for the 72XL, and wide-angle adapter ring and standard filter holder for the 110XL.

Julian Boulter
29-Apr-2008, 14:26
Hi Eric,

thanks for your reply, you answered what I needed to know regarding use of 2 spacers together.

Actually I more likely need a CF for the 110xl as i shoot chrome with extreme shifts of the rear standard to stitch 2 shots together, the light fall off with this method is very noticeable, and quite bad with neg film too.

I have the 72xl as its a nice wideangle but I dont particularly need the movements so I think im going to go for the 100 push to use the 72 without a CF and purchase the 100-90 spacer to use the 110 with CF and I already have a standard holder and adapter to use the 110 without CF.