View Full Version : Paper negs&devloper strenght

robert fallis
26-Apr-2008, 01:46
I'm using paper negatives in my half plate camera. the camera has no shutter just a f64 stop and a lens cap, so slight over exposure is the norm. the developing image appears very quickly, and I was wondering if I reduced the strenght of the developer (,Ilford pq at 1+9), if this would slow the process down? does any one have any experance of this? and what dilution would you recomend


26-Apr-2008, 06:06
hi bob

you might be able to use some of the techniques mentioned
in this thread to help you process your paper negatives.


good luck!

Jorge Gasteazoro
26-Apr-2008, 10:23
You can dilute the developer, or you can do divided development. Have a tray with water next to your developer tray, and move the paper between them until you get the desired result.

Jim Fitzgerald
29-Apr-2008, 20:45
I used my Ansco 130 1:2 and had a water bath next to it and it seemed to work just fine.