View Full Version : Ansco geared rise lock?

25-Apr-2008, 14:03

I just purchased a beautiful Agfa Ansco 8*10, which was completely overhauled.
I'm new to this machine, and even though everything works smooth etc, the
geared rise misses a lock, if there was any ever. The lens board goes down if I rise as
soon as it gets tapped,

any suggestion?

kind regards


25-Apr-2008, 14:17
On some vintage cameras, the lock for the front rise is accomplished by pushing the rise/fall knob right or left so that the pinion rod engages a second rack which effectively keeps it from moving. You may need to turn the rise knob a little one way or the other until it finds it's way home. I don't have my camera in front of me to check, so can't tell you conclusively. But try it and see.

Kevin Crisp
25-Apr-2008, 14:44
Yes, looking at the front of the camera, shift the geared knob to your left and it should lock. Unfortunately many of these have stripped tracks because people thought it had just become stuck and forced it.

25-Apr-2008, 14:57

tried it, and it works!