View Full Version : Shooting table recommendations

Daniel Grenier
25-Apr-2008, 10:45
I'm in need of a new shooting table for product shots. I'd like something that's 5' wide minimum and 4' deep or so. Back should go up to at least 5' but does not need to be adjustable. Must be very solid with a surface that can stand some abuse. The ability to use holding arms and such for small items would be an asset. Clear Plexi option would also be good. Cost not really an issue. I need something good, not cheap.

Any suggestions ?

25-Apr-2008, 11:06
While I have and use a large Bogen table that does have the ability to use plexi (including transparent), My favorite is a huge architect's drawing table bought for $15.00 at an auction. It's about 40x60 inches with a tilting top that can go to about 35-40 degrees of tilt.

As architects have gone to Cad-cam systems, the drafting table has become passe and basically in their way.

The one that I bought was a ferrous metal plate top (so I can attach things with magnets) and is motorized for a height variation of several inches. That's a huge help for raising the set into camera range since I'm 6'3" with a sometimes bad back.

To use a swept background, I either attach them to a wall or use a typical set of background stands and crossbar.

Good luck.