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14-Mar-2001, 03:55
Hi all,

I Have a question. I am repairing my old 5x7 camera. I bought it with an non-ori ginal ground glass. I saw on many cameras ground glass lines, some guides. I thi nk they are useful. My question is how to draw them.

10x = thanks

andrea milano
14-Mar-2001, 05:49
Most brands use a silkscreen machine to do that but if you don't mind the look of it you can do it with a waterproof permanent fineliner. The pattern is very different and actually fits your type of photography so some people like it very "clean" and somne othe want all kins of things in it, technical photography requires a Grid but portrait might very well do without. Greetings

N Dhananjay
14-Mar-2001, 08:10
You could try removable acetate overlays. Good luck, DJ.

Anthony J. Kohler
14-Mar-2001, 09:13
You can also use the finest size of drafting tape on the groundglass. If you've got a fresnel with a glass overlay, put it on the underside of the overlay.