View Full Version : Ilfochrome materials longevity

24-Apr-2008, 23:21
I have a bunch of ilfochrome paper and chemistry that's possibly pretty old (10 yrs +) though I have no idea really. Any chance of the stuff being any good? No idea of the storage conditions, but nothing too brutal. Room temperature at worst.

Mark Sampson
25-Apr-2008, 08:10
The only way you'll ever know is to try it.

25-Apr-2008, 16:47
Therein lies the dilemma. I'm moving relatively long distance and thinning down the amount of stuff I want to move (and a lack of time to try before hand) is my motivation for asking rather than just trying.

Mark Sampson
25-Apr-2008, 19:15
Sorry to be so short, I wasn't trying to be a smartass. There are just too many unknowns involved here for anyone to make anything more than a guess. And the circle of informed Ilfochrome workers is getting smaller daily. I haven't used it in over 20 years myself. But it's probably a tiny fraction of your total move; if you'll have lab space in your new hometown (and I hope you will), take the stuff with you.

Jorge Gasteazoro
25-Apr-2008, 20:31
Walter, the chemicals are most likely bad, even if you kept them refrigerated. The developer was the most suceptible to oxidation. The paper otoh, might still be good, and if anything you can use it to make in camera pics... :)

Paul Metcalf
26-Apr-2008, 18:46
But if those chemicals are still in the individual sealed (plastic seal under the screw off cap) and full bottles I'll bet they're still good, even the developer. A guess, of course. The paper may at worst have a color shift, which can usually be compensated for with a good dichroic head.