View Full Version : Help - which version of HC-110 do I have?

24-Apr-2008, 10:35
Just about to develop some film, and took delivery today of 2 1Ltr bottles of HC-110 (I am in the UK and the supplier is UK based, Retrophotographic). I just noticed the catalogue number of the bottles differ from the one I have already (it is a 500ml size)

500ml 500 1466 which I know is the European concentrate

1lt bottles are marked 501 0541

Does anyone know or can confirm this is the European concentrate? I cannot find anything on the kodak web site or on their data sheet.

Major thanks for a quick reply!



Phil Hudson
24-Apr-2008, 10:43
Hi Steve,

I'm in the UK and my HC110 has the same cat number as yours (501 0541) in the 1 litre size. I presume the US equivalent is a quart and therefore has a different cat number??

Anyway, mine works just fine.

24-Apr-2008, 11:01
Thanks for the response. Confused.com here! The 500ml bottle has 1:9 dilution and the 1L size says 1:31.

As it therefore must be the stronger stuff, I use the US Syrup dilutions on this web page:


I think this is correct! (?)

I won't order 500ml bottles again. It's far cheaper to buy the 1L stronger stuff!


24-Apr-2008, 11:08
Yup, the 500ml ones are actually about 150 ml of the concentrate and 350ml of free water from Kodak! I was pissed the first time I ordered it by mistake.

Phil Hudson
24-Apr-2008, 11:14
Yes - the bigger bottle is FAR better value using 1+31 for dil B. The concentrate lasts for ages in this version too.

Makes you wonder why they sell the 1+9 at all.....

Rob Champagne
24-Apr-2008, 11:14
The 1 ltr bottles are the full stregth stuff. Just follow the dilutions which are on the actual bottles. The 500ml european bottles are watered down and work out much more expensive. The 1 ltr bottles are the ones to get.

24-Apr-2008, 13:13
Thanks for the replies. Yes, you learn something every day! Won't be buying 500ml bottles again!