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Phil Hudson
24-Apr-2008, 04:39
This is not exactly news but I just noticed this on the Silverprint website, www.silverprint.co.uk

Prices are not posted unfortunately but I did enquire about some sizes and I'll post again if I get a response:

Ilford Ultra-Large Film, '08 Campaign

Harman Technology are once again producing runs of special sizes in sheet films, with a choice of FP4 or HP5. As last year, orders must be placed with us by 30'th of June, and would be shipped by Friday August 8'th, so we would expect to have the orders available by the week commencing August 11'th.

1151567 10" x 4" 1151578
1142118 5" x 12" 1142093
1678316 6.5" x 8.5" 1142158
1142129 7" x 11" 1142107
1714937 7" x 17" 1707043
1791943 8" x 20" 1786024
1678334 10" x 12" 1796052
1714928 11" x 14" 1743225
1714946 12" x 20" 1707052
1142130 14" x 17" 1900589
1904558 16" x 20" 1871788
1142149 20" x 24" 1721124

The only proviso is that Harman may opt not to make a particular film/size if there are insufficient orders to produce the item viably.


katie cooke
24-Apr-2008, 05:30
Silverprint don't have the prices yet.

update: Ilford tells me that they are being sent the prices today. And that delivery would probably be in September.

Phil Hudson
24-Apr-2008, 08:31
Thanks for the update Katie - just like you said the prices have come through from Ilford today. The website has already been updated and now shows UK prices in all sizes. GULP!:(


katie cooke
24-Apr-2008, 08:45
Ouch. I have a nasty feeling I'm going to have to stick with paper negs for a while longer then.

I suppose the prices aren't too bad if you just scale up the surface area and add a bit on for the awkward factor from Silverprint's Ilford 4x5 prices, but Silverprint's 4x5 prices are a bit steep to start with...

Phil Hudson
24-Apr-2008, 09:10
Yep - it's easy to forget how many times the surface area increases with some of the bigger formats.

Also I forgot about the substantial price increase in other Ilford products lately - I guess these prices are in line with that.

I'm curious how much the same film will end up costing in the US.......


Oren Grad
24-Apr-2008, 09:18
I'm curious how much the same film will end up costing in the US.......

Phil - the prices here are set by the retailers, so there will be some variation. View Camera Store (Fred Newman) has posted its price list on APUG:


EDIT: And I just looked at the Silverprint price list. Factoring in the US dollar exchange rate... < gulp >

Phil Hudson
24-Apr-2008, 09:34
Thanks for the info Oren! I didn't know it was already announced elsewhere.

We're used to the idea that things are cheaper in the US than the UK....still, it's quite a big difference.

It makes little sense to re-import UK-made film by the time all the taxes and transportation costs are factored in, not to mention any possible side-effects of transportation.

I'll console myself with the thought of how wonderfully fresh the film will be here in the UK........:rolleyes: !


Sal Santamaura
24-Apr-2008, 11:56
The Silverprint prices look like they'd be roughly comparable and reasonable if they included VAT. However, they don't.

24-Apr-2008, 12:44

That's great news. A month ago, Silverprint required a minimum of 20 boxes per order. It's reassuring to see Ilford Harmon waive this condition.


Ilford Harmon don't benefit from the VAT surcharge either. Working photographers can reclaim this, however justifying 'whole plate film' in one's regular workflow repertoire may be an issue.

I wonder if the relatively higher UK final cost of ULF special order film reflects the adverse condifions facing Ilford Harmon who do not benefit from the imposition of taxes. Then it is reassuring to discover that Ilford Harmon waive the condition of the minimum order. It strikes me that such a move is not borne from pursuing successful economic outcomes; it seems to be borne out of a love for the specialist film market.

24-Apr-2008, 14:03
It may be expensive, but it isn't going to get any cheaper. It'll also only get more expensive quicker the more people don't use it. So 7x17 is around &#163;4 a sheet. What else costs &#163;4 a 'shot'. A latte and a muffin, a pint and a bit, less than a gallon of petrol?

To me, Ted's unfortunate and untimely demise is a harsh reminder to make the most of the time and opportunities we have and for me I'm pleased that Ilford are in a position to supply film in these sizes. I will have to wait to the last minute to order more film, but I will and I will also hope that Ilford are able to continue doing this in the future.

Long may we be able to make the most these opportunities...

Marco Annaratone
25-Apr-2008, 00:47
Why is 14x17 film more expensive than 12x20 film albeit being less area? We poor 14x17ers are always beaten up ... :(

I think it's a conspiracy of the panorama crowd ;)


27-Jun-2008, 07:18
Help!!! Can't decide how much of what film to get. My 7x17 has literally just arrived and I've not put any film though it. FP4+ or HP5+. Everything I've read points to HP5+ for the extra speed with smaller apertures required for DOF. Although I would like to do some Pd printing and HP5+ doesn't seem to generate enough contrast from some texts I've read. Both Pd and 7x17 are pretty new to me but the Ilford ULF order deadline is upon us. How much is anyone buying? Literally a years supply or laying down some?

Mike Castles
27-Jun-2008, 08:59
Keeds, what film are you using now for Pd printing? FP4+ does seem to get a nod from some, as a good all around film - I have used it with P=Cat and like it, just not as much as I do Efke PL100. For 7x11, FP4+ and HP5+ are the only pre-cut games in town, so I use it with that format (unless I want to cut down 11x14). Not used HP5+ so, can't comment on it.

27-Jun-2008, 11:29
Hi Keeds,

I would give HP5 a shot (pardon the pun). I shoot it on my 12x20 and really like it.
The extra speed is very helpful with ULF. I can get down to F90 or 128 easily for max dof. I have some shots on my site in my 12x20 diary. The link is in my signature.

I also know some guys who use it for platinum/palladium and they are very happy with it.
They develop it in Pyro cat (HD i think) with excellent results.

I have scanned some of them and they came out great. I have also seen a platinum print and it looks really good.

27-Jun-2008, 13:49
Thanks folks. I've not done much Pd printing so far and certainly not worked out EI and development for my Pd process. The Pd stuff and 7x17 have all come together just at the time I need to order some film, hence the fumbling in the dark. I've plumped for some HP5+, as is what I've used most in 120.