View Full Version : 360 Doctar optics tessar

Jonathan Brewer
14-Mar-2001, 01:33
The Doctar Optic 360 6.7? Tessar sells from one outfit about $740 U.S. Does any body have firsthand experience with this lens or know someone who does? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I get the impression from reading about the Doctar Optics lenses on this website, that they would give performance somewhere in the ballpa rk of Carl Zeiss. Is this statement simplistic?

Even it turns out that it is not the sharpest glass that ever was, is it in fact a good lens for a good value?

andrea milano
14-Mar-2001, 05:52
Very good lens for very good value! East German factory now part of the Rodenstock family, thei brandname isn't used anymore in Photogrphy lenses, use to make great products and still do. greetings

14-Mar-2001, 14:08
Indeed! Very good lens for very good value! after a comparison test, I have replaced my Nikkor T 360, 600, and 800 lenses with Doctar 360 mm (mine takes 67 mm filter, not published 77 mm), and apo-germinar 600 and 750 lenses. You can still get these lenses new from Mr. Chad in London. Cheers,