View Full Version : Another Wisner Question (actually 2)

Robert Patrick
11-Sep-1998, 19:38
What is a good lubricant for wood parts? The focusing rails are a little stiff on the used Wisner. Has anyone experience sending an old 2nd. hand camera back to the Wisner Company for service and re-issuance of Warranty? What are the old cameras like when th ey come back? Thanks. R. Patrick

Tony Brent
11-Sep-1998, 22:26
I used to use a cake of beeswax on my Deardorff. It didnt take much. Just a coup le of rubs along the length of the part. A candle stub would work too, but beesw ax has more class.

Michael Wellman
17-Sep-1998, 01:49
I would call Ron Wisner at 800-848-0448 and ask him what the best solution would be. The problem may not be in the wood, but in the gears. The solution would be a little different. A few drops of oil should make it seem like new. Also, you can transfer the life time warranty of a pre-owned Wisner for $100.