View Full Version : Need Help from members in Switzerland.

William Leviit
9-Jan-2001, 08:58
I need help or information from members of the forum living in Switzerland. I us e Kodak Polymax Fine Art enlarging paper and am having problems with my vendor here in G ermany. Kodak doesn't sell this fine paper in Germany, but reccomended making contact wi th a vendor in Switzerland, where the paper is available. Ideally I need an Internet site from Switzerland where I can place an order, or help from someone who would be willing to send me the paper here in Germany.


William Leviit
9-Jan-2001, 09:02
Any other members who are also located in the EU and are able to help out, pleas e feel free to contact me as well. The above email will work, but is NOT current. Stale old cookies.......


William Levitt light-zone@web.de

Paul Schilliger
9-Jan-2001, 11:40
William, I have placed a query at Kodak Switzerland and will forward you with th eir answer.

andrea milano
9-Jan-2001, 14:51
I havent checked but there are two very good mail order companies in Germany, Monochrom and Brenner, none of the two carry the products which you are looking for? Have you checked? Regards