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Hugo Zhang
23-Apr-2008, 11:33

I have seen some spectacular B&W pictures posted here using ND filters. Ocean tides and water stuff.

I have never tried ND filters before and I currently use a Lee's Snap-On filter holder. My questions is: Can do you use the holder for two filters like a 23a and a ND filter? It does not seem to hold two filters.


23-Apr-2008, 11:52
I guess I'm not certain what the Lee snap on filter holder is. I'm guessing that its the square filter holder.

The Lee square filter holder usually has three slots (but can be configured to have a different number), so just using the square ND or multiple ND filters in one of the available slots is fine.

23-Apr-2008, 11:56
On second glance Are you using this


or this


If you're using the bottom one, my earlier comments apply. If using the top one, then it appears you can use only one filter at a time.


Antonio Corcuera
23-Apr-2008, 11:58
Hugo, the snap-on holder is designed for use with one filter at a time. Other than getting a Lee foundation kit with 2-3 slots, you can always hand hold even density filters (especially if you filter seldomly, as I do)...

Hugo Zhang
23-Apr-2008, 12:14
Mel and Antonio,

I use the first one. I guess I will just buy a set of ND filters and hand held them before the other filter.


Glenn Thoreson
23-Apr-2008, 14:39
Can you use a screw on filter on the back of your lens? I have a couple set up to use that way. The more often changed filter on the front and the ND on the back.

Jim Fitzgerald
23-Apr-2008, 20:46
Hugo, Freestyle has a set of Lee ND's for about $60.00 I think they are .30, .60 and .90. That will slow down the water for you quite a bit. I just shoot Efke 25 and the need for the nd's is greatly reduced. I need to get a set for portrait use. I use the snap on and it works fine.