View Full Version : Shutter for Heliar

Scott Davis
23-Apr-2008, 07:34
Does anyone know what shutter a 10" Heliar would have come in? I have one in barrel, and would be interested in putting it in a shutter if possible. I'm guessing a big #4 Compound or somesuch, but it would be good to know what to look for.

Ole Tjugen
23-Apr-2008, 07:49
The catalogue says Compound #4 for the 240mm (9 1/2"), and there is no 10" listed in any of 10 catalogues I've checked.

Measure the thread diameter and compate to the link in my signature. :)

Peter K
23-Apr-2008, 07:49
The 9 1/2" (240mm) Heliar was mounted in a Compoun #IV shutter. The next focal lenght was 11 3/4" (300mm) Heliar Compound #V.

Jim Galli
23-Apr-2008, 09:00
Scott, they all have adapter barrels too. None go right in a plain shutter. I did discover though that Schneider's spacing for the xenar was the same as voigtlander's for the Heliar. So it may be possible to sacrifice an unloved uncoated Xenar for the shutter and extension barrels.