View Full Version : Telephoto Barrel's?

Wayne Crider
22-Apr-2008, 18:05
Were there any barrels made as telephoto lenses? I'm short on bellows draw.

Chauncey Walden
22-Apr-2008, 19:08
How about the 15 inch TeleRaptar/Optar for the Speed Graphic?

Jim Jones
22-Apr-2008, 19:21
My Rodenstock Rotelar 400mm f/6 requires maybe 11" bellows draw for distant subjects, but mounting it might be a problem on most cameras with a FP shutter.

Michael Darnton
22-Apr-2008, 19:22
Tele-Rotelar is another, though I only know of them in shutters. There's a barrel-mounted one right now on the infamous auction site, but it doesn't look like it was intended for camera use, and doesn't seem to have a diaphram.

Whoops--one minute too late.....

22-Apr-2008, 19:37
10" tele raptar as well

Dan Fromm
23-Apr-2008, 02:51
12"/4 TTH telephoto as fitted to Vinten F95 and Agiflite aerial cameras. Covers 4x5.

More seriously, many many Ross and Dallmeyer teles.

Be patient, consult the VM on UK-made lenses, and you'll find what you need.