View Full Version : Industar 51/ getting rid of fungus

21-Apr-2008, 20:58
I'm considering getting an Industar 51 lens that has a bit of fungus. Would it be worth it (on ebay right now for 60, buy it now 30 plus shipping 30) to get it and use it or clean it? I sent a message to the seller asking if it was closed to F-8 would the fungus be gone. I was just wondering what everyone here has to say on it.


Dan Fromm
22-Apr-2008, 03:03
The least expensive way to get an I-51 with no fungus is to get one with no fungus. Don't buy one with defects. I-51s are abundant, a better one will come along soon, probably at a better price too.

Glenn Thoreson
22-Apr-2008, 15:06
I wouldn't buy it. These lenses are frequently available in "Exc" condition for the same money or less. You may keep in mind that the sellers of these things often have a far different opinion of what "Exc" is, too. As far as the lens itself, I've not heard any glowing opinions of it. Mediocre is about the best I've heard. For a bit more money, you could pick up a reputable item that wouldn't have fungus. Getting fungus off without damage, either caused by it or the removal, is iffy, at best.

David Vickery
22-Apr-2008, 21:49
Regardless of whether the lens is useful to you, the Fungus can be cleaned off and gotten rid of, but what the fungus does is it eats the coating. So where the fungus was will be without the coating. This is only important if you want to eliminate as much flare as you can. Frequently a good goal. The lens will still be as sharp as it would have been without the fungus.
But I agree with the above comments, you can get reputable lenses without fungus for not that much more money.

23-Apr-2008, 00:10
There are several on ebay right now for about the same price. Forget the fungus one.

23-Apr-2008, 22:21
Thank you everyone for the replies. Right before I posted I was informed of the fungus so it was only a vague thought with a bit of hope. Instead I got a Bausch and Lomb 4.5 series 1C for the same price. Much much better lens and its exactly what I was looking for.