View Full Version : Actual image size on 7x11, 7x17, and other ULF negatives?

Steve Goldstein
21-Apr-2008, 09:26
I doubt there's a standard for this, but is there a common/customary actual image size for these formats? The holder's retaining rails will always cost a little edge area, I'm really trying to figure out how wide to make the rails. How wide a rail is really needed to support the film? My primary interests at the moment are 7x11 and 7x17.



Annie M.
21-Apr-2008, 10:32

Rail width on my various 7x11 holders...

Eastman Film - 5/32
Kodak F&S - 5/32
Premo - 6/32

Kodak rails are metal the Premos are wood.

Cheers, Annie

21-Apr-2008, 14:04
Actual size on my 7x17" (homebuilt) holders is 16,8 x 40,5cm


Steve Goldstein
21-Apr-2008, 14:41
Thanks Annie and Geert, this is helpful.

Geert, are you sure it's 40,5 and not 42,5cm? At 40,5 you're throwing away about 2,5cm of film!


Really Big Cameras
21-Apr-2008, 16:07

The actual image area will vary slightly depending on the brand of holders - and even from holder to holder for hand made wooden holders.

That said, I usually just assume I'll loose about 1/8" - 3/16" all the way around (1/4" - 3/8" in each dimension). So, something in the range of 6.625" - 16.625" to 6.75" x 16.75" for 7x17. The actual image area may be SLIGHTLY different, but that'll get you pretty close. Certainly closer than the nominal film dimensions.

Kerry Thalman
Really Big Cameras

Oren Grad
21-Apr-2008, 19:02
Steve, a couple of data points for you: to the nearest half millimeter, my Eastman 7x11 holders produce an image area of 169.5 x 272.5 mm, and my S&S 7x17 holders an image area of 168.5 x 425 mm.

Daniel Grenier
22-Apr-2008, 04:14
For me, WYSIWYG is actually the biggest issue when using my Wisner 7x17 with S&S holders, not the size of image produced. What I see on the groundglass is not - exactly - what I get on film so I have to compensate by adding/substracting (or "shifting" the composition by) 2to 5 mm vertically & horizontally. This is especially bothersome in compositions where there is little or no give & take at the corners.