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21-Apr-2008, 02:16
OK so I bought a used P2 4x5 it's in good overall condition and everything works as it should.

There's one minor thing I want to rectify, but I'm not sure if I'm being a bit precious so would appreciate some advice.

Basically the front standard sits slightly rotated (only a very small amount) around the rail in relation to the rear - it's fine until I tighten the standard clamp on the bearer, then it keels over ever so slightly, not a huge amount but enought to throw the level off between the rear and front.

Any thoughts on how to rectify this? The plastic 'runners' within the clamp look only slightly worn (but evenly on both upper ones), There are what looks to be some set screws underneath the clamp but I'm reluctant to fiddle without knowing if they have any relevance.



Ken Lee
21-Apr-2008, 03:45
It's hard to visualize this. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Can you post one ?

I am not a Sinar expert, but have found that whenever there is something out of kilter with my old Sinar P, it's because I have simply forgotten to tighten something.

That being said, if the rail is twisted, you should try another rail. They are easy to find (http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?from=R40&_trksid=m37&satitle=sinar+rail&category0=).

I wonder: how one can twist one of those things ? They are fairly robust.

Incidentally, it looks like your stitches are ready to come out. The surgeon did a great job. However, there seems to be something wrong with your liver. Your facial color is still a bit... off. :-)

21-Apr-2008, 04:11
I hadn't even thought to check the rail - thanks for that - I'll take a photo tonight that will hopefully illustrate my concern.

It's nice to see people concerned for my wellbeing :D

21-Apr-2008, 04:20
A twisted rail is highly unlikely (read that nearly impossible). I've had the same problem on my P. It's relatively common if the standards are not a matched pair delivered with the camera originally, or if they were disassembled at some point and reassembled inexpertly. I've even seen this kind of misalignment on brand-new cameras. It's an easy fix.

I believe that the clamping arrangement for the standards onto the rail is the same for the P and the P2. Assuming that this is the case, you will see that there is a cover plate on either end of the bore through the standard that the rail passes through; each held in place with four small screws. If you remove the screws from one end and remove the plate, you will find that the upper nylon insert (the one with the square-edged groove at top dead center) can be removed. This piece is shimmed with thin plastic strips between one or the other of the shoulders that contact the outer housing to achieve rotary alignment. Realignment involves nothing more than cutting strips from a plastic material (mylar works well) of appropriate thickness and reshimming. No special skills are required. Don't waste the time or money sending it to a pro for this job unless you don't trust yourself with a jeweler's screwdriver and a scissors.

erie patsellis
21-Apr-2008, 04:39
Mrossano, since you've obviously had the p bearers apart, is there an adjustment for the amount of looseness when you release the clamp? mine are really sloppy, though they tighten well.


21-Apr-2008, 05:24
@mrossano, superb, I'll give that a whirl tonight.

Ling Z
21-Apr-2008, 09:08
You may check with Sinar Bron if they still have the parts available. I purchased a set of front/rear plastic brackets from them for $24 three years ago. There are two types, the old type is about 1 inch wide, and the new type is about 1.5 inches wide.

21-Apr-2008, 09:53
Swapping the 2 shims that were on the left hand side to the right hand side has levelled things off perfectly!

Thanks mrossano!

21-Apr-2008, 10:31

You're welcome!


I'll have to check my notes on that one.

22-Apr-2008, 12:07
Took my first 2 shots just 5 minutes ago - kind of wishing I'd loaded up more holders now!

22-Apr-2008, 13:03
Congrats Benny. I hope you'll share your results with us! :)