View Full Version : How much for my 135mm optar?

20-Apr-2008, 16:58
I just recently got into LF by purchasing a Busch Pressman. It came with a 135mm f/4.7 Optar which I've since upgraded to a Fujinon 125mm f/5.6. I don't imagine the Optar is worth very much, but how much should I expect to get from it if I were to sell it? The lens is clean and shutter speeds seem good (last owner said it was just CLA'ed) with the exception of bulb, which doesn't seem to work all the time. Is it even worth the effort to try selling?

Frank Petronio
20-Apr-2008, 17:09
$50 or so

20-Apr-2008, 17:30

You can check the completed listings on ebay to see what the market is bringing.

Also check retail under large format equipment at Keh.com


20-Apr-2008, 19:55
Thanks for the info guys!