View Full Version : Lukos Lens...Anyone knows ?

20-Apr-2008, 16:18
Does anyone knows anything about this lens ? Will that be ok to use on a 4x5view camera? I'm looking for a "petzval" effect on my pictures but I'd never heard about this lens before so any help is welcome !

Lukos 10.5 cm F4.5 Anastigmat
Flange - on to a 32 mm thread.

Thank you !!

Glenn Thoreson
20-Apr-2008, 18:18
I've heard of them but I don't know any details. A 10.5 cm lens will probably not cover 4X5, though. As it's a f/4.5 lens, I doubt it would be a wide angle design. My guess is, it came off a 6X9 cm folding camera.