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20-Apr-2008, 15:15
Just this past weekend came across the field camera, the strap on the top reads TRIX 311. The lense, Carl Zeiss Jena. Tessar 1:45 R16.5 cm DRP
Has a grown glass back no film back. Looks like the previous owner blacked out the glass to mach the size of a smaller negative maybe 4X5. My first guess is this is a 100 x 150 or 10X15 size of film.
The front standard has shift and rise and fall.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

Ole Tjugen
20-Apr-2008, 15:19
... Probably a 10x15cm plate camera with a Tessar lens?

That's 1:4,5 - and the smaller format is more likely to be 9x12cm than 4x5" since the format reducing inserts for plate holders were far more common in that step than to "Imperial" sizes.