View Full Version : Temperature maintenance with deep tanks

20-Apr-2008, 14:51
What method is available now for heating and temperature control of Deep tanks.
It was once possible to get heater elements you dipped in the tanks, I suppose health and safety has put payed to that, I can't find any.
Any ideas?


20-Apr-2008, 15:03
Hi there,

I still use a 5ft deep coil heater element which was wired sometime mid-last century.

If you're looking for minor temperature shifts of 0.5C - 2C, then a Pifco travel heater/ element for drinking water might help you. These can be found in camping or travel shops, being designed for travelling. The smallest one has the advantage of a thermal cut-out switch and double insulation and is very small (15 cm tall)and immersible. It requires up to 2 minutes to heat a 16 litre deep tank by 0.5C.

20-Apr-2008, 15:26
I was looking for something to heat from cold. Would a dish warmer be man enough?
I can't believe I ditched a deep tank thermostat controlled system a year or so ago, because I never used it and no one wanted it (Digital revolution). I kept the 3F tanks and racks.


Gene McCluney
20-Apr-2008, 15:44
I keep my darkroom fairly cool, as I have a dedicated A/C unit for it, and I just process my b/w at room temperature, which is always under 75f. I make adjustments in developing time, relating to solution temperature. For color, I have a temperature controlled water-jacket deep sink...which I keep my tanks of E-6 and C-41 in.

Wayne Crider
20-Apr-2008, 18:10
I thought that the solution was aquarium heaters.

Michael Kadillak
20-Apr-2008, 18:28
Aquarium heaters do the job as well as could be expected. They are found at pet stores that cater to people that have tropical fish for pets and cost $10-$15. They are water proof (they are designed to be used in salt water environments) and it is quite easy to calibrate the temprature on the heating unit to what you read on your darkroom thermometer.


21-Apr-2008, 02:07
Thanks all, the Pet shop it is then. What a great site this is.


mark beaumont
21-Apr-2008, 02:40
I don't know where you are based, but these people do them www.novadarkroom.com
I use them and once calibrated, they are very accurate.