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Corry Paul
20-Apr-2008, 11:40
As we no longer have Polaroid, how is the Fujifilm working for you???

Gene McCluney
20-Apr-2008, 15:39
For my purposes, which is testing for transparency photography, evaluating exposure, showing client the composition, etc., the Fuji is working out great.

Ted Harris
20-Apr-2008, 16:33
Agree with Gene. The emulsions Fuji offers are great, I find I am preferring them to the comparable Polaroid product. BTW, I am finding that FB100B works better at ISO 160 than at the suggested 100.

20-Apr-2008, 16:42
For my needs (proofing), the Fuji film (FP-100C45) is working out great; I should have switched sooner. My trouble is with the film holder. The Fuji instant film back (PA-45) is back-ordered everywhere, and I wasn't going to pay $360 :eek: for one on eBay when they go for $120 new at B&H. So I got a Polaroid 550 holder which also works for Fuji pack film, but it's so thick it won't fit under the spring back of my Calumet CC-400. With a lot of shoving, I can force it in, but that just negates all of my composing and focusing. So now I'm resigned to wait until my new camera (Chamonix) arrives in July with a graflok back.

Gordon Moat
20-Apr-2008, 18:46
I have been using Fuji FP100C for a few years already. Early last year I got a Polaroid 550 holder, so I started getting FP100C45 after that, which is even nicer with the larger area. I don't use the Polaroid 405 back nearly as much.

That stated, Fuji Instant is really tough to manipulate, and much more difficult to use directly for artistic purposes. I think I will eventually figure out a good repeatable approach, though my early trials are frustrating. I wish Fuji had something that performed more like 669 or 690 Polaroid.


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Martin Gorczakowski
22-Apr-2008, 07:12
Gordon, would you by any chance consider selling your 405 back? I am seeking for one at the moment, please PM me if possible.

Gordon Moat
23-Apr-2008, 09:47
Until I run out of my batch of Polaroid instant, I will still need the 405. So not for sale at the moment, though I will keep you in mind in the near future.

23-Apr-2008, 10:29
I've been using the FP100c45,
and its very good-
good for colour-

However, the surface does pick up marks and dust and hairs until its dry-
Does anyone have a way of dealing with this?
The prints make good (low res) scans-
but they'd be better without the surface marks-
and when you're rushing to make the film exposure,
these little prints do suffer when they're stuffed in a bag or a pocket-


Gordon Moat
23-Apr-2008, 10:39
Hello Joseph,

I have a small notepad of paper that I carry in my main 4x5 bag. What I do with the FP100C45 is place the fresh pull between some of the paper sheets in the notepad. Then I have saved the Instant image for later comparison to the processed transparency.


Gordon Moat Photography (http://www.gordonmoat.com)

23-Apr-2008, 12:47
Thanks Gordon-
will give that a go-
will have to try to find some paper with tight fibres-

They're not so bad stacked against each other,
but the nice glossy surface damages easily before the surface hardens-
not so noticeable for ordinary viewing purposes,
but it doesn't look good on reproduction-

I suppose it shouldn't really be an issue,
but sometimes I don't even make a proper exposure after checking the Polaroid-
(sorry, Fuji just doesn't have the same ring to it)
so its good to keep those nearly shots, purely for documentary purposes...