View Full Version : 11x14 Ilford FP-4 size?

Jim Fitzgerald
19-Apr-2008, 22:39
I just tried to load some 11x14 FP-4 into my holders and the film is to wide!! I think it is the holder possibly because on another holder it fit ok. One side of this holder I could get film in and the other I could not. Any ideas? One other holder that I have has some FP-4 in it and I did not know it and opened the holder in the light. I took it into the darkroom and measured against the June '08 that I got from Don Hutton and it is smaller by about an 1/16"- 1/8". Could Ilford have changed the size of the film? Thanks.


Turner Reich
19-Apr-2008, 23:15
Some films barely hold in some of my fidelity holders. The film is too narrow. It really p***** you off when that happens. What's the actual size for 11x14 sheet film currently? What is the size in the holders you have? Have you put a piece of paper to fit and measure it? Hope you work it out.

Jim Fitzgerald
20-Apr-2008, 13:34
Looks like it is the holder. I'm going to have to find a way to widen it somehow. Any ideas? Thanks.


clay harmon
20-Apr-2008, 13:45
How old is this Fp-4? The last time that Ilford did the ULF order, I received a box of 11x14 that was too big. I got in touch with Simon Galley, and they replaced it. I think that their cutting dimensions on some part of that run did not undercut the film the normal 3/32" or whatever. If you take an accurate scale to any of the sheet film you purchase, you will notice that it is slightly less than the nominal size. Get a sheet out and measure it carefully. If it is exactly 11x14 (as mine was) it will not go in the holder. Ilford has been very good about correcting these sorts of things.

Jim Fitzgerald
20-Apr-2008, 13:57
Clay, thank you. The expiration date is June of 2008. It is exactly 11x14. It does not go in. How does one get a hold of Simon? I guess I could try to pm him here on the forum? Clay, thank you very much.


clay harmon
20-Apr-2008, 15:59
I got in touch with him on the APUG site. He posts there quite often, and his name is his real name. That would be the best place to start.

Mark Sampson
21-Apr-2008, 08:00
It would be a lot easier to trim the film (although still a pain in the neck) than modify the holder. Presumably, any other film you buy (including more Ilford) will be standard-sized. A Rotatrim type cutter that uses a wheel will do the job just fine.

Brook Martin
21-Apr-2008, 08:07
I had a box that was about 3/32" to wide. I ended up using the rototrim. not to difficult, but not what I expect from a first rate supplier. I used a developed sheet of efke something or another that did fit in the holders, and used it to mark the spot where I used a piece of masking tape as a stop/jig. no problem.

Jim Fitzgerald
21-Apr-2008, 08:55
Thanks everyone for your help. I sent Simon a pm on the APUG site and I'll see what happens. I have a Rotatrim but I feel that with ULF film one should not have to do this. Ilford is a first rate supplier and this is something I would not expect from them.


Tim Curry
23-Apr-2008, 05:53
Jim, with the Rotatrim, use double backed tape and a straight edge to make a "stop" or fence which will allow you to do the job quickly and accurately. Best, tim

Jim Fitzgerald
23-Apr-2008, 06:08
I got a reply from Simon over on APUG and it seems that he is indicating the I trim the film. He mentioned about not using the holder unless necessary which I can do unless I'm on a trip. I'm going to have to trim the film. Then I'll buy Efke! I've not had any problems with it!