View Full Version : Schneider G-Claron WA 210/10 for 8x10?

9-Jan-2001, 15:43
Does anyone know whether a Schneider G-Claron WA 210 mm F10 lens covers the 8x10 format as a taking lens? What is its image circle? Good lens as a wide angle for 8x10? Thanks a lot!

David VanMeter
9-Jan-2001, 15:51
I have one. It works great for 8x10 but movements are limited. Obviously stopping down to at least f22 is helpful and dare I say necessary.

sheldon hambrick
9-Jan-2001, 20:56
Is there a f-10 G-Claron? I though this lens was a f-9.

adam friedberg
10-Jan-2001, 01:39
schneider in germany just sent me some specs on this series (w.a. g-claron). the 210 is f11, i haven't heard of an f10 but there is a faster (f8?) 210 w.a. g-claron at lens&repro which no one seems to know about. the angle of view @ f22 is 86 deg. image circle @ f22 and 1:1 is 800mm - thus should be 400mm @ infinity. the filter size is 105mm. they are only listed as barrel lenses so if in a shutter it was most likely done afterwards. recommended for between 1:2 and 2:1. 4 elements in 4 components. the BIG problem seems to be performance at infinity - distortion grows rapidly as you get about 10 deg. out from the center of the i.c. it seems this lens is really only good for repro work.

David VanMeter
10-Jan-2001, 09:17
To Mr. Hambrick's point. Spot On! Didn't even notice that. Mine is the f9.

10-Jan-2001, 12:24
OK, I bought the lens. But this is a "Schneider Kreuznach G. Claron W.A. 1/6.3 f'=210 mm". This is the actual labelling on the lens. The series number is 14,143,xxx, so it was made in 1985-86 period. The lens is mounted in a black rim Copal #3 shutter, aperture goes from 6.3 to 90, and takes 77 mm filters. The lens elements are single coated. I did not buy the F10 lens because it is in barrel (there is such a F10 lens!).

Still, I don't know the coverage power of this lens, even at F6.3, a Toyo 810M was run out of movements at infinity. I was told this lens will cover 11x14 wide open, and 12x20 at infinity when stopped down. I will check for distortion more carefully this time because I intend to use it for landscape.

Thanks for all your inputs!