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Corry Paul
19-Apr-2008, 12:49
Does anyone know if there is anyone working in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area doing ultra large format. If so how can they be reached? Also, would they be amenable with being contacted to ask for advice??? What I would be really interested in doing is some kind of a workshop with them and perhaps drum up a few others who would happily pay for the photographer's time.Thanks

Dave Wooten
19-Apr-2008, 12:56
Touch base with Bob Carne at Elevator Gallery in Toronto....he prints for some major ULF photographers....Elevator also offers workshops. :)

Corry Paul
19-Apr-2008, 13:06
Thanks Dave, I will follow up on that in the next week. THAT WAS FAST!!! I did not expect a reply so quickly....terrific

19-Apr-2008, 13:32
Look up Big Camera Workshops in Toronto.
bigcameraworkshops.com Rob Skoech is a nice guy and he may steer you in the right direction.


Corry Paul
19-Apr-2008, 13:36
Thank Vinny - Thai is great info, I really appreciate it - Corry

19-Apr-2008, 13:51
Yeap, http://www.bigcameraworkshops.com/default2.asp this is where you want to go. Rob Skoech is great man and he makes some workshops with ultra large formats.

Monty McCutchen
19-Apr-2008, 14:05
Hi Corry,

You might look up RichardK on this forum and see if you can pm him. If I'm not mistaken he shoots various ULF sizes (I think 10 x 12 and 14 x 17) and he is up your way. Maybe he will see this and chime in but he is always very passionate about ULF and would be a good man to touch base with.


Richard K.
19-Apr-2008, 18:31
Hi Corry;

I'm in Toronto (west of the mighty Humber) and I'd be happy to to discuss ULF with you. You'd be surprised how many of us there actually are in T.O. PM me and we can get the ball rolling....

Richard K.

bob carnie
20-Apr-2008, 05:21
Hi Cory

Though I do print large negs ,,, up to 11x14 on a Deveere, for clients.

I am a fuji6x9 / Noblex kind of guy.

I am considering a 8x10 studio camera for a series [big head pin head] which by the way if any LFers have either large or small heads I am looking for you.
Most of my work is with the smaller formats.

I agree Rob S and Richard K would be the go to guys in this area for ULF camera work.

20-Apr-2008, 06:01
I'll add my presence in as well. I use a 16x20" pinhole camera that I built myself... I guess that qualifies as ULF.

Corry Paul
20-Apr-2008, 06:18
Thank you again for all of your responses. I am new to this forum and I am so impressed with the sense of community that is present here. Best regards all.........