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luis a de santos
19-Apr-2008, 12:06
Does Anybody Have Experience With The Nonfolding Ebony 8x10?
I Am Interested In The Difference Between The Slw And The Sw. I Have Read The Specs But I Mean Hands On Use.how Easy Is To Shift The Lens With The Shortest Lens 90mm.
Any Other Experience I Will Appreciate The Comments.

Thanks Luis

Warren Clark
19-Apr-2008, 14:39
Hi Luis,

I have an Ebony SW 8x10 and the shortest lens I use is a Schneider
150 XL. I think you could still utilze a 120 but you will start to run
into bellows compression problems at these focal lengths.

Good shooting,

Warren Clark

Randy Redford
19-Apr-2008, 18:04
I had a specially made SLW with an extra 100mm of bellows (to accommodate a 450mm lens). I had no problem with using my Nikon 150mm lens with it and movements were pretty easy. If you like using semi longer lenses, you might consider this custom made variety. I went through Jim at MPEX and Ebony custom made the camera at no extra charge. Same price as the regular SLW.

The unfolding variety is a dream to use. One thing to be aware of, if you go with the custom made, is that the bottom plate is about 3cm wider than a regular SLW, which can make it an issue with packing. I did find that I could put in in upside down in an f/64 large backpack.